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20 Awesome Black Friday Tech Deals

Here's a quick roundup of deals on all kinds of tech goodies available in this year's Black Friday holiday sales.


Hybrid Routers Review: Get Wi-Fi and Powerline Networks in One Device

The D-Link DHP-1320 and Netgear WNXR2000 routers support Wi-Fi and HomePlug AV powerline networks in the same device. Although both products could be better, D-Link's offering is more appealing.

Netgear Pushes 10GB Network Gear for Midsize Businesses

Equipped with four 10GB uplinks, the new Smart Switch is designed to support virtualization, video on demand, and other high-bandwidth tasks, with a Web interface that shouldn't intimidate IT managers who aren't network experts.

Netgear Boss Apologizes for Steve Jobs Comments

Patrick Lo severely had criticized Apple for pushing "closed" platforms and the company's dominance of the digital music ecosystem.

Netgear Boss in Astonishing Attack on Steve Jobs

Patrick Lo, the chairman and CEO of networking firm Netgear has attacked Apple and Steve Jobs in an extraordinary interview.

Netgear CEO Goes Ape on Apple

Apple's closed model is all about Steve Jobs, Netgear CEO complains -- but what's it to him?

Networking Gets Faster, More Media-Savvy

At CES 2011, networking vendors are touting products that let you access movies, music, and photos on any screen, anywhere. But they're also adding proprietary technologies that won't be compatible with gear from other vendors.

New WiDi Adapters Let Notebooks Wirelessly Stream 1080p, Blu-ray Content to HDTVs

Netgear, D-Link announce WiDi adapters that support the latest version of Intel's laptop-to-HDTV technology.


Netgear Woos Home Users with Speed, Power and Powerline

Netgear unveiled a lineup of broadband routers and adapters designed primarily to facilitate high-def multimedia streaming and ease the setup process for nontechnical customers.

Netgear Powerline AV 200 and AV+ 200: Wi-Fi Alternatives

Looking to extend your wired network without rewiring your house? Netgear's Powerline AV 200 and AV+200 kits may help--but try before you buy.