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Iomega Releases Lower-cost Storage Array for SMBs

EMC's Iomega Corp. today unveiled a rack-mountable storage array, the StorCenter ix12-300r, aimed at small to mid-sized businesses with a starting price of...

Recover Files From a NAS

Frederic Hugues asked about recovering missing files from an NAS drive

Iomega iConnect Wireless Data Station: Easy-to-Use Network Storage

Affordable device capably turns USB storage into a full NAS setup.

Western Digital Doubles Capacity with New VelociRaptor Drives

Western Digital's new VelociRaptor drives offer double the storage capacity and improved performance.

Data Storage: Be Proactive, or Pay a High Price

Medical imaging, document imaging, and video certainly eat up lots of space — but if you're drowning in data, bad practices may be more to blame than boatloads of bits.

How to Avoid Paying the High Price of Cheap Storage

Unbelievably inexpensive networked storage options have emerged, but it's a case of 'False Economics 101.'

Intel Atom Netbooks Get Whole-disk Encryption

Netbook users worried about storing sensitive data on their portables are being offered the world's first whole-disk encryption that will run useably on Intel's...

Seagate Doubles Capacity of Data Center Hard Drive

Seagate released a 2.5-in SAS drive today that doubles the amount of capacity over previous drives and offers lower power consumption while increasing drive...

New QNAP Storage Servers Boost Speed

QNAP adds faster CPU to new business-centric network-attached storage.

10 Big Cloud Trends for 2010

Cloud computing is clearly worming its way into the enterprise, especially as a testing and development environment and as a platform for less than critical apps...