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Finalized USB 3.1 spec doubles the speed of USB 3.0 to 10Gbps

Your file transfers are going to get a whole lot faster when USB 3.1 hardware hits the streets next year. But what about Thunderbolt?

D-Link DNR-322L

Vulnerabilities in D-Link network video recorders enable remote spying, researcher says

Some D-Link devices that enable remote access to surveillance camera feeds or other potentially sensitive data contain critical vulnerabilities that enable hackers to bypass authentication and access them from the Internet.

EU researchers get 2T bps capacity thanks to network upgrade

The superfast pan-European research network is now available to Europe's educational institutions, research facilities, and hospitals.

Essential networking tips for small business

Stay connected and productive with dual-band routers, personal cloud storage, and more.

Who will benefit from the new EU telecoms regulation?

Removing mobile phone roaming charges in the European Union may prove more expensive for customers in the long run, a telecoms expert has warned.

John Chambers Cisco

Facebook's Open Compute network is limited, Cisco says

Facebook's Open Compute project, which is working on open source servers and switches, will be limited by "weaknesses" in scope that Cisco can exploit, CEO John Chambers said this week.

Forget fiber! Gigabit-boosted DSL standard could be ready next year

A broadband standard that aims to support bandwidth-intensive applications such as streaming Ultra-HDTV movies without the need to install fiber between the distribution point and people's homes met its first-stage approval, the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) said on Tuesday.

4G climbs Mount Fuji

Japan's most famous mountain now has 4G coverage.


wireless hotspot

Top 10 home Wi-Fi network errors (and how to fix them)

The chances are pretty good that you have a wireless home network, or you've been asked by friends, family or co-workers to help install one in their home.

Review: The Patriot Aero streams media without wires—not even a power cable

The Patriot Aero creates a Wi-Fi hotspot for multimedia streaming, and it works well. In battery life and performance, however, it's a step behind the competition.