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RIM is offering free applications and support as compensation for recent service problems, the company said on Monday.

RIM Clueless about Cause of BlackBerry Outage

"We do not know why the system failed," BlackBerry CEO says of the data center crash that caused its biggest network outage.

Seven Reasons to Consider Virtualization

Virtualization has made inroads into many data centers. If your company isn't already using it, here's why it should.

Wi-Fi Users Clueless About Security

Researchers for the Wi-Fi Alliance find most people take basic privacy and security steps -- but lack strong passwords and smart security settings.

New Router Array Brings More Wi-Fi to High-Traffic Areas

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How to Find Your IP Address and MAC Address

Figure out the unique address that identifies your PC on the Internet, with this handy guide.

Mobile Device Management for Small Business

When it comes to managing phones and tablets in your organization, working closely with a partner and establishing clear policies are the keys to success.

Teach Your Router New Tricks With DD-WRT

With each passing year, hardware devices grow less dependent on proprietary components and more reliant on open source technologies.

Synology DiskStation DS211+ 2-Bay NAS Packs in the Features

Synology's fast but pricey 2-bay NAS box is loaded with features and useful software.

15 Essential Open Source Tools for Windows Admins

Microsoft offers great tools for enhancing your server-side experience, but open source has impressive options as well.