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5 Signs That Your Techies Are Being Poached

With IT hiring on the rise, your most talented employees may be getting offers outside your company.

Quake and IT: Shaking in Tokyo, Waiting in San Diego

When the earthquake struck in Japan mid-afternoon, Jason Park was in his office in Tokyo on the 39th floor. It started with a mild tremor.

Is Your Company at Risk of an IPv6 Brain Drain?

Competition is heating up to find IT pros who know how to make the IPv6 transition.

Verizon: We Have Plenty of IPv4 Addresses

Verizon Business says it has enough IP addresses using the current version of the Internet Protocol, known as IPv4.

Gigabit Optical Network Slated for Taiwan

Alcatel-Lucent and Taiwan's main fixed-line telecom provider will build a gigabit passive optical network by the third quarter of 2011.

As Cloud Grows, IT Hiring Flatlines

Corporate IT departments are increasing their spending on hardware and cloud services, but not on new hiring in this weak economy.

IT Turf Wars: The Most Common Feuds in Tech

Dev vs. ops, staff vs. management. Here's how to rise above the friendly fire and turn IT unrest into productivity

Windows Nokia Phones: Microsoft Should Make the PC Connection

The Microsoft and Nokia alliance hopefully will set the stage for phones that are truly compatible with PC networks.

Building a Business Wireless Net, Office Window by Office Window

Brough Turner is building a network that can circumvent both incumbent carriers and the FCC.