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Mobile Active Defense (MAD) Partners promises to make your life dealing with mobile devices easier.

Top 10 Telecom Contract Mistakes

When it comes to telecom negotiations, most telecom managers have a difficult time. I see far too many contracts riddled with unacceptable clauses and...

Why You Shouldn't Worry So Much About IPv6

Don't worry, the Internet as we know it isn't ending as IPv4 addresses are exhausted. Making the switch to IPv6 will require that most users do nothing.

IPv4 Finale 'One of the Most Important Days of the Internet'

Internet policymakers officially handed out the last five blocks of IPv4 address space to each of the Regional Internet Registries.

ICANN Assigns Its Last IPv4 Addresses

The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) has handed out its last IPv4 addresses, leaving the remaining blocks to regional registries.

Top 10 Free Open Source Tools for Network Admins

From troubleshooting DNS queries and misbehaving network applications to keeping your configurations and passwords organized, these free open source tools have...

IPv4's Funeral Expected to Come Thursday

A press conference taking place on Thursday in Miami is expected to mark the last allocation of Internet Protocol, Version 4 addresses by the central authority...

Advanced Antennas, Virtual Modems to Make Networks Greener

The GreenTouch Consortium demonstrated its work Tuesday into how using large-scale antenna systems and virtual modems, along with splitting mobile networks into...

As IPv4 Disappears, Transition Poses Hazards

With the last IPv4 addresses about to be allocated, the good news is that IT managers -- at least in the U.S. and Europe -- don't suddenly have to get the next...

Egypt Internet Blackout Teaches Important Lesson

The ability of Egypt to cut off access to the Internet in response to political protests provides an important lesson for IT admins.