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Internet Body May Use up IPv4 Addresses This Week

The current crop of Internet addresses could start to disappear this week if a regional Internet registry makes one more request for two blocks of addresses.

Puppy Cams Threaten Internet, Cisco Says

Network demand will explode, fueled by unexpected growth in ambient video, like puppy cams, and surveillance video, according to reports.


Verizon-FCC Net Neutrality Fight Only Beginning

If you thought the Federal Communications Commission's vote to approve limited net neutrality rules were the end of the dispute, think again.

Upgrade Your Business Network With Windows 7 Pro's Advanced Features

Hidden beneath Windows 7's hood are many new networking features that you won't find in XP. Take a look at how they can improve your Windows experience.

Gartner Slams Cisco's Single-Vendor Network Vision

Businesses are better off with multivendor networks, no matter what Cisco and other large network vendors may tell you.

Five Open Source Network Management Projects to Watch

Open source software has a long history in lower-level network software so it's not surprising there is a healthy range of free tools available for network and systems management

Stupid User Tricks 5: IT's Weakest Link

Flaming laptops, nosy mothers, and server racks sent tumbling down stairs: These seven real-world tales tell of IT brain fail.

The Clock Is Ticking: Give IPv6 a Test Drive

The Internet is running out of IPv4 addresses. Prepare now for World IPv6 Day, the biggest test yet for the Internet routing technology that we’ll all one day use.

Networking Gets Faster, More Media-Savvy

At CES 2011, networking vendors are touting products that let you access movies, music, and photos on any screen, anywhere. But they're also adding proprietary technologies that won't be compatible with gear from other vendors.

Help Desk Calls Are on the Rise

At a time when IT is supposed to be getting easier to manage, more people are calling help desks for assistance than ever before, according to a new study.