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Video and File-sharing Eat up Corporate Bandwidth: Report

The number of people streaming video and sharing files in the workplace has increased exponentially since November 2011.

Cisco Router Software Connects Enterprises to the Cloud

Cisco rolled out the Cloud Connected Solution, software for its ISR and ASR routers that's designed to enable businesses to implement and access cloud networks and services.

Linx Fortifies Internet Infrastructure for Olympics

Linx is now deploying BlackDiamond X8 switches from Extreme Networks in preparation for the Olympics to handle the onslaught of Internet traffic.

IPv6 Launch Called Mixed Success

The debut of the IPv6 protocol on the Internet was a boost to morale for those who've worked on it, but the traffic levels remain tiny a few days on.

9 Warning Signs of Bad IT Architecture

From kludges to manual re-keying to redundant apps, these are the telltale indicators of an IT environment gone amok.

Launch Event Drives IPv6 Traffic to All-time High

Web and email traffic are expected to continue rising on the next-gen Internet Protocol.

Why the Internet needs IPv6

The explosive growth of Internet users, devices, and apps is creating demand for more IP addresses

10 Mobile Device Management Apps to Take Charge of BYOD

Managing devices in a BYOD environment is no mean feat, and the right mobile device management (MDM) product can be a key component in making it work. Here are 10 leading MDM products on the market today.

10 Questions for Lancope CFO and COO David Cocchiara

Lancope provides flow-based security and network monitoring software for enterprises across a range of industries.

5 Common E-Mail Management Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

The volume of global electronic messages sent via e-mail dwarfs all other forms of electronic communication, and keeping tabs is a daunting -- and essential -- task.