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Wi-Fi in Flight Has Yet to Soar

Launched four years ago, the use of Wi-Fi on U.S. airlines has yet to catch on, with estimates that the wireless technology is still used by only 7% of the flying public.

Leading ISPs, Websites Commit to June 6 Start for IPv6

AT&T, Comcast, Facebook, and Google are among those on board for World IPv6 Launch.

Home Networks Get New Options

Most of the gadgets displayed at CES 2012 require an Internet connection. The networking industry is working on new and better ways to connect, both wired and wireless.

CloudFTP: The Missing Link Between USB Drives and iOS Devices

A $100 box the size of a small bar of soap, CloudFTP turns any USB drive into a wireless file server for iPhones, iPads and any other Wi-Fi enabled devices.

Home Networks Reach for the Cloud

The latest home networking gear includes features that give you access to and control over your network from mobile devices.

Self-service IT: Are Users up for the Task?

Empowering users with do-it-yourself tools is all the rage in IT these days. What could possibly go wrong?

7 Signs You've Outsourced Too Much IT Work

Once an organization gets a taste of the benefits of IT outsourcing, the hunger for more naturally increases. But watch out.

Quick Windows Networking Fixes

Even in Windows 7, many networking issues aren't easily resolved. Find some help here.

Amazon's Private Clouds Get More Advanced Networking Features

Amazon Web Services has introduced Elastic Network Interfaces, which are attached to instances in a private cloud to allow for more flexibility.

How to Fix Your Windows 7 Network

Networking your PCs together is easier than ever, but a few common problems still pop up from time to time. Learn how to resolve them now.