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10 Hacks That Made Headlines

Hacking has been around for decades, starting with curiosity-driven systems break-ins. Today's crimes are often financially-motivated fraud. Here are ten hacking incidents that made history.

California Moves to Stop Employers Demanding Facebook Passwords

The California assembly passed a bill on Thursday that prevents employers from demanding job applicants' passwords for accounts on Facebook or other social...

Windows 8 RT Poses Security Dilemma

Windows 8 RT systems may be at greater risk than systems running more traditional versions of Windows.

Mobile BYOD Users Want More Security

A survey of more than 4,000 mobile-device users and IT professionals shows wildly abundant use of mobile devices.

Fragile: Passwords May Be Cracked or Broken

A flaw in Mac OS X highlights yet again that passwords alone--even strong, complex passwords--are not the best protection available.

London's Olympics Plans Include Cybersecurity

The 2008 Beijing Olympics experienced 12 million cybersecurity attacks, and organizers expect hackers will try to "disrupt" this year's Games as well.

Cloud Providers Need to Step up on Security

With businesses trusting third-party cloud providers with little scrutiny, the onus is on the providers to be transparent about risk

Targeted Attacks Increased, Became More Diverse in 2011

The latest Internet Security Threat Report by Symantec finds that targeted attacks are becoming more common and are going beyond the public sector and large enterprises to smaller, less well defended companies in the supply chain and partner ecosystem.

Symantec: Small-company Security Problems Can Threaten Large Corporate Nets

Symantec says stepping-stone attacks exploit business-partner relationships.

5 Tips for Surviving a Cloud Outage

"Everything fails, all the time," so says CTO Werner Vogels.