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Google Drive Problem Is a Public Cloud Problem, Says Privacy Expert

The bottom line for enterprises: The public cloud is neither private nor secure.

Microsoft: Two Basic Security Steps Might Have Stopped Conficker

If businesses and consumers stuck to security basics, they could have avoided all cases of Conficker worm infection detected on 1.7 million systems by Microsoft researchers in the last half of 2011.

15 Free (or Almost Free) Wi-Fi Security Testing Tools

Attempting to "hack" into your own wireless network can help you better understand Wi-Fi security vulnerabilities and how to protect against them.

Do You Know Where Your Cloud Data Is?

If your data is in the cloud, do you know where it really is?

Who is Threatening the Security of Your Network?

The most common sources of cyberthreats.

Weak Passwords Still Subvert IT Security

A recent data breach that exposed the Social Security numbers of more than 280,000 people served as yet another reminder of the well-recognized, but often discounted, risks associated with using weak and default passwords.

Iran Confirms Cyberattacks Against Oil Facilities

Iran's oil ministry today confirmed that it was the target of malware attacks over the weekend, adding to reports by state-run media that the country's oil industry was hit by hackers.

FBI Steps Up 'Internet Doomsday' Awareness Malware Campaign

FBI says infected users must deal with DNSChanger malware or risk losing Internet in July.

Yes, IT Departments Should Worry About Google Drive

Google Drive is poised to give IT departments yet another headache to deal with.

DEMO 2012 Products That Cater to the Enterprise

Several companies will be exhibiting new products of interest to small businesses at the tradeshow/conference.