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How to Secure Sensitive Files and Documents

Are you doing enough to secure your organization's sensitive information?

Can Congress Protect the Nation's Critical Infrastructure?

The Cyber Security Act of 2012 may be a start, but Congress has a history of missing the mark when it comes to information security legislation.

Ex-Hacker Spills Secrets of Fighting Social Engineering

Targeting your users for phishing attacks is a great way to ensure social engineering training sticks.

Dropbox Spam Attack Blamed on Employee Account Breach

A stolen password was used to access the employee's account, which contained a document with user e-mail addresses, Dropbox said.

DEFCON 20 Roundup: Lessons in Security

The infamous security convention has wound up, leaving hackers of all hat colors bemused, befuddled, and bewildered.

Researcher Creates Proof-of-concept Malware That Infects BIOS, Network Cards

New Rakshasa hardware backdoor is demonstrated at Defcon security event; it is persistent and hard to detect, researcher says.

Tools Released at Defcon Can Crack Widely Used PPTP Encryption

Security researchers released two tools at the Defcon security conference that can beat the encryption of certain PPTP sessions in less than a day's work.

Black Hat Hackers Highlights: Awards, Attacks, and Apple

Hotel locks, iris scans, GooglePlay and other "secure" technologies are cracked in demonstrations at the security conference.


Apple's AuthenTec Buy Shows Needed Focus on Mobile Security

We need stronger security for mobile devices as we begin to make payments by smartphone, or connect on the go to the company network.

Card Game Turns You Into a White Hat Hacker

Black Hat security conference: University of Washington creation gives you vicarious thrills of social engineering, lock picking.