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How Do You Guard Against Unknown Threats?

Recent threats like Stuxnet, Duqu, and Flame managed to spread undetected for years. You need to take steps to protect your PC against threats that may already be out there circulating on the Internet.

Have LinkedIn's Security Woes Permanently Damaged the Social Network?

After last week's breach of the LinkedIn site, analysts are debating whether the attack will cause long-term damage to the social network.

Gartner: Network Virtualization Will Lead to Security Control Changes

Virtualization is having an enormous impact, leading to questions about the role of physical security appliances in a virtual world.

Security Researchers Discover Link Between Stuxnet and Flame

UPDATE: Kaspersky Labs uncovers evidence that the development teams behind the Flame and Stuxnet cyberespionage threats collaborated.

Don't Be the Low-Hanging Fruit

Cyber criminals will generally go after the easiest targets. As long as you have better protection than the next guy you can avoid most attacks.

How Quickly Can Your Password be Cracked?

Analysis: "Strong" isn't a detailed password-rating; go for a quintillions possible combos, add a symbol.

Last FM Tells Users to Change Passwords After Suspected Hack

Security companies have reported that the number of Last FM passwords stolen could be as high as 2.5 million.

Adobe Patches Critical Flash Bugs, Ships Sandboxed Plug-in for Firefox

The flaws were all over the map, and included memory corruption, integer and stack overflow, and security bypass bugs.


ProofPoint Tool Targets Spear Phishers

The cloud-based Targeted Attack Protection checks e-mail for phishing efforts and CloudPassage adds an authentication service for cloud apps.

Cybercrime 'Much Bigger Than Al Qaeda'

Malicious computer code written by terrorists or nations threatens national security and stability, Homeland Security chief says -- to agreement by security experts.