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Asus announces the world's first NFC-enabled PC tower

The Asus M70 PC is the world's first NFC-enabled desktop, but beyond that, it's just plain built for playing nice with smartphones.


NFC device prompts shoppers to interact with your ads

TV mounted sensor detects passers-by and reels them in for marketing promotions

Office gear you didn’t know you needed

These products can take your workday from tedious to terrific.

With Nokia's Treasure Tags, you may never have to dig under the couch cushions again

These little tags use NFC and Bluetooth to help you locate your keys, your wallet, your everything.


New Samsung color laser printers have NFC built-in

Samsung announced today two small-office color-laser products that will have near-field communication built-in for printing from mobile devices.

Brother MFC-J870DW - Rapid Review

While it's nice to check features like near-field communication off a list, when it comes to performance, the MFC-J870DW is an also-ran.

NFC in a printer? The Brother MFC-J870dw lets you touch and print

Brother's MFC-J870dw looks like any other mid-priced color inkjet multifunction, but it has a hidden, unique feature: near-field connectivity, for touch-and-go printing with NFC-equipped mobile devices.

Japan Suica NFC ticket system

Backlash occurs in Japan over sales of train e-ticket records

A privacy debate has erupted in Japan over a new service from a major rail operator that sells private e-ticket records as marketing data.

Battle over mobile payments centers on small shops in big countries

While mobile payments transform financial life in many less developed countries, retailers and payment providers in the U.S. and Europe are still trying to find the right incentives to drive adoption.

Starbucks takes its wireless payments on the road

The coffee chain is partnering with Visa Europe and Barclaycard to introduce near field communication point of sale terminals across 550 UK stores.


Intel CTO Justin Rattner

Where are our wirelessly charging Ultrabooks, Intel?

Intel promised us that Ultrabooks with wireless charging would arrive in 2013. As Intel joins the A4WP wireless charging consortium, we have to ask: where are they?