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Nintendo Wii U: Our First Look

Curious about what Nintendo's Wii U looks like in action? We spent some quality time with a prototype of Nintendo's next console behind closed doors at E3 2011, and we caught it all on film.

E3 Hands On: Nintendo's Wii U Game System

The Wii U controller was surprisingly light and responsive, except for the one time that it froze and needed to be restarted.

Nintendo's Wii U: 8 Questions

We're a long way from the release of Nintendo's latest console but its unveiling at E3 fueled a few questions.

E3 Expo: A Visual Taste of the Giant Game Show

Our man on the scene wades into the mass of humanity inside and outside the E3 show floor to bring a taste of the show's wonders.

E3: Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata Explains the Wii U Controller

The Wii U controller has a front facing camera, microphone, touchscreen, accelerometer and other features that help it extend the screen of Wii gaming.

Wii U: A Nintendo DS Snapped in Half?

Nintendo's Wii sequel isn't as anomalous as it looks at first blush--consider the industry's history with dual-screen systems.


Nintendo's 'Bizarre' Wii U will be a Hard Sell to Gamers

The Nintendo Wii U offers a clever design, but will gamers bite?

E3: Nintendo Announces Wii U, Handheld Device that Extends the Screen of Wii Game Play

The Wii U game controller has a 6-inch touchscreen and can also be used to play games by itself.

Nintendo E3 Keynote: Meet the Wii U

Nintendo just announced its next-generation console, the touchscreen tablet-driven Wii U, at E3 this morning. Check out this photographic recap of Nintendo's new console.

Wii U At E3 2011: Our First Look

Nintendo unveiled their new Wii U home console at E3 2011, and we were able to capture video of the Shield Pose tech demo in action; watch the player shake, rattle, and roll in attempt to defeat deadly pirates!