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Nintendo E3 Keynote: Meet the Wii U

Nintendo just announced its next-generation console, the touchscreen tablet-driven Wii U, at E3 this morning. Check out this photographic recap of Nintendo's new console.

Wii U At E3 2011: Our First Look

Nintendo unveiled their new Wii U home console at E3 2011, and we were able to capture video of the Shield Pose tech demo in action; watch the player shake, rattle, and roll in attempt to defeat deadly pirates!

WiiU In Action At E3 2011

Our first look at Nintendo's new WiiU home console entertainment system, straight from the show floor of E3 2011.

E3 2011: Nintendo's Next Console Named 'Wii U', Breaks Mold Once Again

Nintendo unveiled its wildly different next console at the E3 2011 press conference this morning, including a tablet-style gamepad and dozens of new ways to interact with games.

E3 2011: Follow Along Live as Nintendo Reveals Its Wii Successor

At 9 a.m. PT we will be live at Nintendo's official E3 2011 press event, and bringing you the world's first pictures and details of its top secret Wii games console


Nintendo Servers Hacked, You're Next Xbox

Hacktivism has devolved into hacking just for the sake of bragging rights--the "Wild West" days of the Internet are back.

E3 Preview: What We Want to See

The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is coming up next week. Here's what we're expecting to see on the show floor.

The 15 Hottest Games and Gaming Hardware of E3 2011

This year's E3 Expo, which runs June 7 through June 9, looks to be the most exciting in years. Here are 15 reasons why, including cool new games and a big Nintendo announcement.

Nintendo DS Lite Drops to $99.99

From June 5, the DS Lite is getting a permanent price drop to under $100, and all Mario titles for the system are getting a prominent repackaging.

E3 2011: What to Expect

No E3 gathering is without surprises, but here are the top 5 safest predictions for E3 2011.