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Fox Claims Console Gaming Is Dying, Nintendo Disagrees

A Fox News article claims that traditional console-based video games are on their last legs, preparing to give way for cloud-based services. Nintendo doesn't believe it.

Wii Price Drops As Wii Sports Loses Pack-In Status

Nintendo will replace Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort with Mario Kart Wii as the pack-in game and it'll also throw in one Wii wheel to enhance the kart racing experience.

No Rumor: Nintendo Confirms Wii Successor in 2012

Nintendo gets in front of rumors and confirms Wii successor codenamed Project Café, available in 2012, and viewable at E3 2011 in June.

Nintendo’s Next Console Rumor Roundup and Wishlist

Want to know all there is to know about Nintendo's rumored next game system so far?

Nintendo's Struggles With UI

Everyone complains about the user interfaces on Nintendo's systems, but maybe their unwillingness to change isn't based on ignorance.

Sony PlayStation Tablet Faces Rough Road Ahead

Given the company's wobbly financial record, product delays and the competition it faces from the Nintendo 3DS and Apple's iPad, Sony is going to have a hard time selling its tablets.


Nintendo DS Sales Sink by Half, Intensify Quarterly Loss

Nintendo records a substantial quarterly revenue loss as sales of its Nintendo DS handheld plummet.

World Tech Update: Robots, Nintendo, and the Woz

Students build and compete with homemade robots, Nintendo ships its 100 millionth DS, Woz does the cha-cha, and more...


Taking Nintendo's Wii Fit for a Test Run

We take a look at Nintendo's Wii Fit and the Wii Balance Board.

World Tech Update: Obama's BlackBerry, the Pope, and More...

Obama gets to keep his BlackBerry, the Pope gets a YouTube channel, and more...