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Salvage that busted Nintendo console with Raspberry Pi and some Lego bricks

It's one thing to have an Nintendo emulator running on your computer, and it's another thing entirely when you rip the innards out of a broken NES, replace it with a Raspberry Pi and convert the original box into a fully functional emulator.


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Nintendo is reportedly luring smartphone games to the Wii U

Nintendo may be wooing smartphone app developers to port their games to the Wii U, so the console has a wider selection quickly.


Nintendo boosts Wii U performance with upgrade

The Wii U console gets its first major software refresh, speeding up the system's performance

Mobile game downloads expected to triple in the next five years

Game downloads for smartphones and tablets should triple in the next five years, a trend that will have a significant impact on console gaming.


Nintendo plans a low-key E3 for 2013 and beyond

Nintendo won't hold a massive press conference at this year's gaming expo. And going forward, the company says it will host its own targeted events rather than rely on E3 to unveil major product releases.


Nintendo misses profit goal as Wii U, 3DS sales sag

Sales of Nintendo's Wii U and 3DS fell short of the company's targets last fiscal year, pulling its profits down to half of what it expected.


In defense of Nintendo’s obsession with memory lane

Nintendo’s 2013 lineup is looking a bit familiar, and I’m okay with that.


Nintendo game purchased at Goodwill for eight bucks is a $15,000 collectors’ find

Thank God for hoarders. An $8 purchase of a 1987 NES game may be worth $15k on eBay.


Five highlights from the SXSW Gaming Expo

The SXSW Gaming Expo gave us a quick preview on what we can expect to see at larger gaming expos later this year. Here are five things that caught our eye.

Nintendo slashes Wii U sales goal by 27 percent, cuts 3DS target

Nintendo's new Wii U console had a tough holiday launch, and its 3DS handheld continues to struggle.