Don't-Miss Stories

Google Maps Goes 8-Bit For April Fools'

See the world in 8-bit form! While the NES is set to receive a Google Maps "game", you can start exploring the pixelated world right now online.


Nintendo Says It Has Sold 5 Million 3DS Consoles in Japan, Overcoming Slow Start

Nintendo said Monday that it has sold 5 million 3DS handheld game consoles in Japan, which it says makes the device the country's fastest-selling game platform.

Nintendo Finally Embraces Online Play

The Nintendo Network will reportedly offer user accounts, online multiplayer games, downloadable add-ons, and eventually full game downloads.

Nintendo Slashes Annual Targets for 3DS Despite Price Cuts, Software Bonanza

Nintendo had hoped its latest dual-screen handheld, which launched in February of last year, would maintain the success of the DS.

Out of the Frying Pan? Nintendo 3DS Sells 4 Million Units in U.S.

Nintendo says it sold 12 million total hardware units, Wii and 3DS sales combined, in the U.S. in 2011.

Will Wii U Include an App Store?

Nintendo already offers app repositories through the Wii Shop and DSi Shop, but some sources suggest a full-blown app store will accompany the Wii U release.

This Portable GameCube is What We Really Wanted For Christmas

Another handheld take on the Nintendo GameCube has debuted in the underground modding community, and it even comes with its own music video.


Official Zelda Timeline Revealed: A Link to the Past and the Future and the Other Future

Nintendo has published an official Zelda timeline that ties all the games together using a convoluted time travel story. But even though it's canon, is it actually any good?

Uncovering Tech's Most Peculiar Product Codenames

Tech companies go to painstaking lengths to keep new products confidential with "secret" product codenames. Here's an insider's look at some of the most unusual codenames.

Sony Playstation Chief: Vita Has Advantages Over 3DS at Launch

UPDATE: The Sony PlayStation Vita is well-positioned to avoid the struggles of its main handheld rival, Nintendo's 3DS, Sony says.