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Uncovering Tech's Most Peculiar Product Codenames

Tech companies go to painstaking lengths to keep new products confidential with "secret" product codenames. Here's an insider's look at some of the most unusual codenames.

Sony Playstation Chief: Vita Has Advantages Over 3DS at Launch

UPDATE: The Sony PlayStation Vita is well-positioned to avoid the struggles of its main handheld rival, Nintendo's 3DS, Sony says.

GamePro closes, Nintendo may lose Miyamoto and OnLive brings LA Noire to Android tablets in Game On Podcast #1

We talk about the biggest news in gaming, including Shigeru Miyamoto's desire to develop new games with smaller teams and the latest advances in cloud gaming, including new OnLive game support for Android and iOS tablets. Will we ever need to buy another physical game again? Listen in to find out.


Nintendo May Lose Miyamoto As Manager

Nintendo general manager Shigeru Miyamoto is interested in passing the torch of big game development to established teams in order to step down and work on smaller projects.

Great Gifts Under $200

From realistic lightsabers to the season's hottest video games--we’ve got the perfect gift for everyone on your list.


Nintendo's Miyamoto Initially Fought Mario Kart 7 Features

Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto admits he was initially against the game's vehicle customization features.


Zelda Skyward Sword Gets Rare Perfect Score in Famitsu

Legendary Japanese game mag gives The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword for Wii a perfect 40 out of 40.

The 20 Most Anticipated Video Games of 2012

Check out our picks for the 20 coolest computer, console, and handheld video games shipping in 2012.

Is Google Your Next Cable TV Provider?

The search giant reportedly is in talks to provide cable TV service to parts of Kansas. Is this Google's first step on the road to replacing cable service in the United States?


Nintendo Wii U to Launch After March 2012

Nintendo says its new Wii U game console will go on sale during the next fiscal year that begins in April, and the company expects a smoother launch than in the past.