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Nintendo Takes $927 Million Loss, Far Worse than Original Forecast

Nintendo reports massive fiscal third-quarter hemorrhaging, forecasts substantial annual loss.

The Best Video Games and Consoles for Families

Which video game console is best for you and your family? GamePro breaks down each major system and suggests five great games for each machine that will add a whole new dimension to family game night.

Games to Keep Eye on Following Golden Joystick Awards

Big winners include Portal 2, which picked up the Ultimate Game of the Year award, while The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was determined the "One to Watch."


Watch: Shigeru Miyamoto Explains Why Zelda Skyward Sword is a 'New Genre'

Nintendo design legend Shigeru Miyamoto demonstrates The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, calls it a 'new genre in interactive entertainment'.

UltimatePointer Goes After Nintendo's Wii Remote: Patent Trolling?

Maker of UPoint laser pointer takes aim at Nintendo, claims company violated it patent for 'direct-pointing system'.

Nintendo 3DS Add-on Joystick, 3D Video Fail to Impress Investors

Nintendo's pre-Tokyo Game Show 3DS event offered few surprises and failed to offset investor pessimism.


The Nintendo 3DS's 260% August Bouncy-Bounce

Nintendo 3DS sales roared back in August, but will Nintendo's $80 price cut be enough to pull out a winning holiday season?


Mario Meets Portal in Cool Mashup Indie Game

Mario takes a trip around the Mushroom Kingdom with a Portal gun in this neat indie game.


Nintendo Reveals 10 Free 3DS Ambassador Games

Nintendo has revealed the first 10 free titles early adopters of the 3DS will be receiving.

I'm Not Buying the Nintendo 3DS Rumors We've Been Hearing

A second analog stick for the Nintendo 3DS? A hardware update? Unlikely.