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Nintendo Applies for 'Massively Single Player' Patent

Nintendo is attempting to claim a patent for the curious concept of a "massively single player online game."

Investors Believe Nintendo Should Develop for Smartphones

Nintendo titles on iOS and Android devices? It might not be such a terrible idea -- and investors certainly seem to agree.

Next for Nintendo: A Leap to Apple's iPhone?

As 3DS sales disappoint, investors putting pressure on Nintendo to move into smartphone market.


Nintendo Outs Flame-Red 3DS, Walmart Drops Price Early

If you haven’t snatched up a 3DS yet (if not, we wouldn’t blame you, given the dearth of interesting games) Nintendo’s sweetening its upcoming price drop with a ‘Flame Red’ version.

Final Fantasy Tactics iOS Port Approved by Apple

The oft-delayed iOS port of Square Enix's Final Fantasy Tactics has finally gotten the go-ahead.


Nintendo 3DS Price Slashed $80, Current Owners Getting 20 Free Games

Is Nintendo's 3DS price drop an act of desperation? Probably, as well as dramatic enough to make even cynics think twice about passing when it goes into effect two weeks from now.


Nintendo Wii: The 10 Best Games

Here's a comprehensive look at 10 of the best video games available on the Nintendo Wii.

10 'Great' Tech Products that Really Weren't

Ah, the good old days of technology. Old, most certainly. Good? Not so much.

12 Top Tech Rumors We Hope Will (and Won't) Come True

When tech rumors fly, we either say "Want!" or "Don't bother." See whether you agree with our take on the probability of each of these 12 rumors involving the Microsoft Kinect, Google Chrome OS, Windows 8, iPhone 5, and other products.

Netflix on Nintendo 3DS Today, but Without 3D Videos

Nintendo releases 3DS version of Netflix video streaming app, but you're limited to Netflix's 2D-only catalogue for now.