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Nook Passes Fire in Web Traffic in June

The Barnes &Noble Nook tablet's Web traffic overtook that of the Kindle Fire for the first time in early June.


Tablet Summer: What's Ahead

Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Amazon are expected to launch new models in coming months -- Here's what the summer portends in new tablets.

TechHive: Dreaming of a Better Kindle Fire

If an Android-powered tablet is going to become a hit, the Kindle Fire may be the product to do it. But Amazon has some work to do.

Hot Ivy Bridge Chips, GeForce GTX 690, the True Cost of Printers, and Nook News on PCWorld Podcast #137

Are Ivy Bridge chips really hotter than Sandy Bridge? If you buy a cheap printer, will you pay more for ink? Is the new Nook with Glowlight the e-reader to beat?


Nook Simple Touch and Color E-Reader Prices Slashed for Mother's Day

Barnes & Noble cuts prices on its basic e-readers by up to 20% as Mother's Day approaches.


Microsoft Mute on Nook App's Bundling With Windows 8

Microsoft won't say if Barnes and Noble's Nook app for Metro will be embedded into Windows 8 or Windows RT.

Microsoft and Barnes & Noble Create E-Book Partnership

Coming up first: A Metro-style Nook e-reader app for Windows 8 that will be available to U.S. and international users.

Microsoft Invests in New Barnes & Noble Unit, Settles Litigation

Microsoft will invest $300 million in a new Barnes & Noble subsidiary, which includes the digital Nook and College businesses of Barnes & Noble.

Nook Touch with Front-Lit Display May Be Coming Soon

Barnes & Noble's next Nook eReader may solve the issue of reading in the dark.


Report: E-Reading Soars, Shift from Print to E-Books Continues

People who read e-books say they spend more time reading in general, according to study.