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Barnes and Noble is pitting its new Nook Tablet model against the Kindle Fire, but it lacks the secret ingredient necessary to compete with the Amazon tablet.

B&N Launches $199 Nook Tablet: Watch Out Amazon!

Barnes & Noble will start allowing users to store more than 1 GB of content from outside the Nook Store on the device's internal storage.


Barnes & Noble Nook Now Free -- Sort Of

Subscribe to the service, get the e-Reader essentially free; is this deal alluring enough to snag anyone? Please?


Barnes & Noble: Pros, Cons of Selling Off Nook

Would such a move be a boon or a bust for this bookseller recasting itself as a technology company?


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From data-only cell phone plans to HTML 5, these ten advancements are ready to go mainstream in the year to come.

E-Book Readers as Stocking Stuffers

E-Ink e-readers may not give you a lot of browsing capability, but their price tags may make them more of an impulse buy than their sexier siblings.


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Does your gift recipient have a special focus on the written word or a broader interest that extends to downloading movies and music? We have a range of e-reader options to consider.

Nook Tablet's Superior Storage Has 1GB Gotcha

Barnes & Noble's Nook Tablet reportedly comes with a big gotcha: only 1GB of storage will be available for content that doesn't come from B&N.

Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet Ships Early

The tablet is arriving two days ahead of schedule for people who ordered it for in-store pick up and home delivery.


Nook Tablet Review: Barnes & Noble's Worthy Alternative to the Kindle Fire

B&N's Nook Tablet has beefier specs than Amazon's Kindle Fire, but it also has its share of limitations as a tablet.