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20 Game-Changing Events That Shaped the Internet, Part 2

We continue to look at the events that made the Internet into what it is today. In this part we examine blogs, Napster, Skype, online books, Facebook, and more.

Why Microsoft Declared War on Google Over Android

The real issue behind the Android patent lawsuits is licensing revenue, with Redmond holding a gun to the heads of device makers.


If Android Violates Patents, Shouldn't Microsoft Sue Google?

Microsoft sued Barnes & Noble and Motorola, but it seems like it should be fighting Google directly if Android is infringing on Microsoft patents.

Microsoft Alleges Android Patent Infringement by Nook eReader

Microsoft has filed suit against Barnes & Noble and its manufacturing partners claiming patent infringement by the Android-based Nook and Nook Color.

10 Cool Hacks For Your NookColor

Want to get more out of your NookColor? Feeling daring? Check out these awesome hacks!


Stephen Covey's New Habit Hurts His e-Readers

Bestselling business author Stephen R. Covey has made a deal to make electronic versions of his books only available on Amazon's Kindle e-reader.

Why the Nook is Worth Waiting For

Want a Nook but wonder if it's worth the wait? January 11 is not such a long delay for the year's hottest gift--that isn't a robotic hamster.

Sold-out! Grinch Steals Nook Christmas

No, Virginia, there is no Nook for Christmas. Shortage means you are more likely to find Santa Claus than a Nook e-reader under this year's Christmas tree.

iPhone e-Books Don't Threaten Kindle Or Nook

iPhone books fulfill a different purpose than books on the dedicated e-reader devices.