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PC manufacturers, chip makers and analysts predict the future of our mobile workhorses.

Coming soon to Linux: Nvidia Optimus graphics support

A new version of Nvidia's proprietary graphics driver will let Linux users benefit from its switching technology.

Analysis: New Windows RT Tablets Raise Competition Among ARM Chip Makers

ARM-based chip makers are adding unique capabilities to processors so tablets become more attractive to buyers based on performance and features.

EVGA GTX 660 Ti Review: Kepler Rendered Affordable

Nvidia takes the same chip as in the GTX 670, clocks it down a bit, disables one feature, and calls it something new. In the end, though, the price is what matters.

Choose the Right Graphics Card: 2012 Edition

GPUs today are more than just gaming accelerators. They speed up a wide range of applications, and this guide helps you pick the best match for your needs.

ARM Chases Intel on 3D Transistors With TSMC Deal

ARM is catching up with Intel on 3D transistors, announcing a new partnership with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing to produce 64-bit chips.

Nvidia Investigates Claims That Its Online Stores Were Hacked

Graphics chip manufacturer Nvidia is investigating claims that hackers have compromised its online stores as part of a larger attack that affected several of its websites.

Nvidia Investigates Breach of Hashed Passwords

Nvidia said it is investigating the release of encrypted passwords from its user forums, another significant data breach following recent compromises at Yahoo.

Microsoft to Enter Tablet Fray Monday, Reports Say

Will new device, if real, compete with iPad or Kindle Fire?

Nvidia Launches Mobile GTX 680 GPU

The high end of Nvidia’s Kepler GPU goes mobile, offering leading edge graphics technology in a low power package.