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Dell XPS 17 3D: Speedy, and in Stereo

Dell updates its XPS 17 laptop with Intel’s latest 32nm CPU and Nvidia stereoscopic 3D, offering speed and visual improvements.

World Tech Update: Mobile World Congress

A flurry of new tablets and smartphones, Nvidia's new cell phone processor, and more on the Microsoft/Nokia partnership on this week's World Tech Update.


Nvidia Shows Off Quad-Core Mobile Processor Project Kal-El

Nvidia showed for the first time a new quad-core mobile processor code named Project Kal-El. Nvidia hopes to have a tablet using the new processor in the market in August and a smartphone later this year.


Google Android 3.0 and Motorola Xoom: Hands-On, and Awesome

The Motorola Xoom, the only tablet currently being shown with Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) running on it, will have a clear time advantage over its competition.


AMD's Fusion Packs More Graphics Punch in Netbooks

AMD says its Fusion architecture alone can do a lot of heavy-lifting that only expensive CPUs and standalone video cards could do before.

Asus N53SV: Fast, but With Weak Input Ergonomics

Great performance and gaming meet sleek design and a weak keyboard.

Micro Express NBL26: Mostly Unremarkable

Micro Express manages to ship a staggeringly average laptop using Intel’s new Sandy Bridge CPUs.

Nvidia Prepping for 3D Mobile Revolution

According to Internet reports chipmaker Nvidia will be announcing a new Tegra 2 3D chipset this spring, heralding a new era of 3D-capable handhelds, smartphones, and netbooks.


Beware the Marketing Department’s Re-branding Efforts

Intel, AMD, and Nvidia’s latest laptop chips are great, but are muddled with marketing terms that seem almost designed to confuse customers.

New Nvidia GPU Does Wireless Video, Looks Ridiculous

Between tweeting on our TVs and banking on our smartphones, the future is a very strange place. But does this future need wireless graphics cards?