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Review: Digital Storm's Virtue delivers superior power in a midsize tower

Within its plain enclosure, the Virtue has some serious power thanks to Intel's new Haswell chips and Nvidia's high-performing graphics card—just be sure to set up a triage for your wallet.

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Nvidia Shield review roundup: Iffy software holds back the handheld's beautiful hardware

The Nvidia Shield gaming handheld can play Android games and stream full-fledged PC games from GeForce graphics cards, but reviewers say both experiences are a mixed bag.

Kepler to go: Nvidia's desktop graphics technology is coming to tablets and smartphones

Nvidia yanked back the curtain on a mobile version of its core Kepler graphics technology, promising iPad 4-level graphics at a third of the power cost.


Nvidia Shield finally set to ship July 31

It's available for preorder now, but Nvidia Shield is officially in "full production" and set to ship on July 31.


Dell XPS 27 Touch review: Looks are everything

Dell sacrifices a little practicality for the sake of beauty, but this AIO is so terrific most people won't care.

Nvidia postpones Shield launch to July

Less than a day before it was scheduled to go on sale, Nvidia pushed back the launch date of its Shield gaming device until July.


Nvidia's new GeForce GTX 760 attacks the mid-range at $250

Nvidia's $250 GeForce GTX 760 graphics card goes toe-to-toe with an AMD Radeon card that costs $50 more, but ships with a gaggle of games.

Is Nvidia's Shield worth $300? We debate the math

This new gaming handheld plays Android apps and streams PC games, but it costs $300. Is it worth the money? Two PCWorld writers argue each side.

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Nvidia slashes the price of its Shield gaming handheld to $300 ahead of launch

Nvidia's Android-playing, PC-streaming gaming handheld just got a price cut and a firm release date.

Nvidia to license its graphics cores

Nvidia is to start licensing its graphics cores more widely in a bid to cash in on the need for powerful graphics in smartphones, tablets and other devices.