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Nvidia postpones Shield launch to July

Less than a day before it was scheduled to go on sale, Nvidia pushed back the launch date of its Shield gaming device until July.


Nvidia's new GeForce GTX 760 attacks the mid-range at $250

Nvidia's $250 GeForce GTX 760 graphics card goes toe-to-toe with an AMD Radeon card that costs $50 more, but ships with a gaggle of games.

Is Nvidia's Shield worth $300? We debate the math

This new gaming handheld plays Android apps and streams PC games, but it costs $300. Is it worth the money? Two PCWorld writers argue each side.

Shield (1)

Nvidia slashes the price of its Shield gaming handheld to $300 ahead of launch

Nvidia's Android-playing, PC-streaming gaming handheld just got a price cut and a firm release date.

Nvidia to license its graphics cores

Nvidia is to start licensing its graphics cores more widely in a bid to cash in on the need for powerful graphics in smartphones, tablets and other devices.


Nvidia thinks the handheld Shield will compete with Xbox and PS4 consoles

Nvidia's Shield is complementary to gaming consoles for now, but the company hopes that wide adoption of Android gaming ultimately could make the $349 handheld an alternative to Xbox and PlayStation.


Nvidia stylus (2)

Nvidia says Tegra 4 can power a better, cheaper stylus

Nvidia is usually trumpeting the graphics performance of its Tegra 4 chip, but at the Computex trade show on Tuesday CEO Jen-Hsun Huang showed how its newest processor can be used to create a precise, affordable stylus for tablets.


Toshiba announces the first tablets to ship with Nvidia Tegra 4 processors

Toshiba's three new Android tablets sound interesting on paper, but do they have what it takes to knock the iPad off its throne?


Nvidia's new $400 GeForce GTX 770 graphics card puts pressure on AMD

The newly announced GTX 770 series performs slightly better than last year's GTX 680 flagship, but for a whole lot less dough.

Nvidia's GeForce GTX 780: a Titan for the rest of us

The same GPU powering the $999 Titan is now available in a $649 cousin, and the GeForce Experience utility comes out of beta.