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Oracle contests Google's 'fair use' of Java code in appeal

Oracle wants an appeals court to rule that Google's commercial use of Java in a market where Oracle was already competing was not fair use.


More Java patches due soon

Oracle isn't done releasing patches for Java SE this month, as another batch will arrive on February 19, according to a company blog post.

Oracle rushes out another Java update, fixing 50 vulnerabilities

Oracle says Java 7u13 addresses 50 flaws, many of which left systems vulnerable to remote exploits.

Experts prod Oracle to fix broken Java security

Beset by some very public vulnerabilities in Java, and apparently unable to properly patch those bugs, Oracle must dramatically step up its security game, experts said.

Oracle's Java patch contains new holes, researchers warn

Researchers from Security Explorations claim to have found two new vulnerabilities in Java 7 Update 11 that can be exploited to bypass the software's security sandbox and execute arbitrary code on computers.

Malware impersonates Java patch

Trend Micro has spotted a piece of malicious software that masquerades as the latest patch for Java, a typically opportunistic move by hackers.

Oracle releases Java fix, but security concerns remain

Oracle has released Java 7 update 11, which addresses a Zero Day flaw that enables intruders to install malware on vulnerable systems. However, users are still advised to reconfigure the software so that Java does not run automatically.

It's time to rewrite Java from scratch, security expert says

Recurring security flaws result in a succession of threats and patches, and it may be too late to fix the existing code, a security expert suggests. Oracle has lost control of code for programming language and should simply rewrite it from scratch, he says.

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Industry commitment to hardware funding, student training sought

Wolverhampton is part of the Oracle Academic Initiative, which allows it to pay very little for licenses to teach the software.

Nokia, Oracle team on mapping

Nokia and Oracle have joined forces on a mapping project for business, with details of the deal to be announced at the Oracle OpenWorld conference on Monday.