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Does Oracle Patch for Java 7 Fix the Zero-Day Flaw?

Oracle has cranked out a patch for Java a few short days after news of a zero-day exploit was announced. Oracle is short on details, though, about what the patch fixes.

In America's Cup, Oracle Team USA Looks for High Tech Advantage

The America's Cup teams employ sensors, on-board computers and wireless networks to help maximize performance.

Judge Not Satisfied With Google's Disclosures Over Commenter Pay

The original order wasn't just for "quid pro quo" situations, Judge William Alsup says.

Oracle to Pay $2 Million to Settle SEC Charges Over India Payments

UPDATE: The company's improper controls in the country did not prevent unauthorized side funds, according to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

Job Ad Indicates Apple Using Oracle, IBM Servers in North Carolina Data Center

Apple is running servers from IBM and Oracle with flavors of the Unix operating system at its Malden, North Carolina, data center.

Oracle Agrees to 'Zero' Damages in Google Lawsuit, Eyes Appeal

The companies apparently want to conclude the case and move on to Oracle's appeal without any issues outstanding.

Oracle-Google Jury Mulls Verdict over Java Copyright

The jury reaches a partial verdict in the copyright phase of Oracle's intellectual property dispute with Google, and gets another day to resolve the remaining issue.

Ex-Sun Boss McNealy Sides With Oracle in Google Dispute

UPDATE: Former Sun boss Scott McNealy sided with Oracle on Thursday in its dispute with Google over Android, testifying in court that companies needed a license to use Sun's Java programming interfaces.

What If Oracle Had Bought RIM?

Analysis: Ellison's recent admission that he'd considered the buy raises visions of an Oracle-owned RIM that looks a lot different than today's firm with its reputation mired, senior execs bailing, and a litany of other problems.

Oracle Updates Its Linux Kernel With New Advanced File System

Oracle has updated the kernel of its Linux distribution to take advantage of the latest Linux advances, the company announced Tuesday.