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Back Up and Restore Outlook

Tomaladaca asked the Windows forum for the best way to backup and then restore all of the information in Outlook

Email on Two Computers (or One Computer and a Phone)

Joe checks his e-mail on two computers, and messages tend to end up on one or the other


How to Save $2325 Per Desktop on Business Software

If you choose these free, open source alternatives to expensive proprietary software such as Microsoft Office, your business can save a bundle.

Sync Outlook 2010 with Your Google Calendar

Only the 32-bit version for now, but at least Google's Calendar Sync utility now supports the latest Outlook.

Restore a Backed-up Outlook Express Folder

KenB backed up an Outlook Express folder to a flash drive. He asked the Web Browsing and Email forum how to recover the messages inside it

Google Multiple Account Sign-In: Why It Matters

Google is rolling out a feature enabling users to sign in to multiple Google accounts simultaneously, and removing one of the biggest obstacles to business embracing Gmail.

CompanionLink for Google Brings Outlook and Google Calendars Together

Synchronize contacts, calendar information, and tasks between Outlook and Google with CompanionLink for Google.

Online Trends: Mobile E-Mail Replacing Desktop E-Mail

The Nielsen survey report illustrates that desktop e-mail is on the decline, while mobile e-mail is rapidly growing--a trend that Microsoft should be paying attention to if it wants to keep Outlook relevant.

Outlook Plug-in Keeps Tone of Your Email in Check

ToneCheck looks to bridge the gap between an email that sounds right in your head and an email that sounds right to the recipient.

Sync Outlook with Your Google Contacts

The gSyncit utility will cost you 15 bucks, but it's well worth it if you're interested in migrating more data (including notes and tasks!) to Google's cloud.