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Confessions of an Office 2010 CTP Tester

Microsoft released the public beta of Office 2010 yesterday, but I have already been using Office 2010 for the past four months. Here are my thoughts on the new Office.

Five Best Features in the Office 2010 Beta

Microsoft has released the beta version of Office 2010 to the public. Here are five reasons you should check out the beta and make the switch to Office 2010.

Microsoft Office 2010: An Intriguing Beta

The revised productivity suite introduces interface tweaks, modest but useful desktop innovations, and integration with minimalist Web apps.

Fix a Corrupt Outlook Profile

Step one: don't panic! It's scary when Outlook won't run and gives you nothing but cryptic error messages, but there may be a fairly simple fix.

Migrate Your Outlook Express Inbox

Petrie asked the Answer Line forum how to move Outlook Express messages to a new PC

DEMOfall Crowns Two Worthy Winners

Emo Labs takes the consumer award with its invisible speakers, while Liaise, an add-in for Outlook, earns top business honors.


Add Social Media Contacts to Outlook

The Xobni Outlook plug-in uses social networking for powerful contact management.

Outlook Tip: View Your Google Reader Feeds

Put a little RSS into your Outlook life with this easy hack.

Three Ways to Avoid Forgotten Attachments

Good news for Outlook and Gmail users: Free tools can help you remember to attach files before sending out "empty" e-mails.

Yo, Redmond: Enough with the Ribbon Menus Already!

Microsoft's gone too far. Ribbon menus in Outlook and Paint. Say it ain't so, Ozzie.