Don't-Miss Stories

Psst! Your terrible profile photo might be visible to people you email

You know that goofy headshot you use on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn? Yeah, people can see that when you e-mail them.

Microsoft bakes data protection into Exchange Server

At the Microsoft Exchange Conference 2012, Microsoft revealed a variety of new data protection features for Exchange Server.

How to move from Hotmail to

Hotmail is no more. But don't worry -- it's an easy matter to migrate your old account to spiffy new digs.

How to reveal Outlook's hidden BCC field

Want to send a "blind carbon copy" of a message to one or more contacts? In Outlook, it's not immediately obvious how to do so.

Bring Outlook and Google Mail Contacts Together With GO Contact Sync

GO Contact Sync lets you sync contacts from Outlook to Google and vice versa.

Microsoft Doesn't Play Well With Android Mobile

One of the hot new features of Microsofts upgraded and renamed email service -- that devices without Office loaded onto them can open Office attachments in the cloud via a browser wont work with Android mobile devices.

Five Ways Beats Gmail -- and One Way it Doesn't

Microsoft's surprisingly good Hotmail replacement offers a lot of business-savvy features. But it stumbles on a major one.

Remove an Unwanted Email Address in Outlook

Robert Talbot read Remove an Email Address in Gmail, and asked about doing the same thing in Outlook Snares One Million Sign-ups in First 6 Hours

More than 1 million people registered with the new email service on opening day, Microsoft said.

Microsoft 5 Reasons it Beats Windows 8 Mail

Microsoft's cloud-based offering is much better than Windows 8's underpowered Mail app.