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Sync Your Outlook Data Among Multiple PCs

Astonsoft's EZOutlookSync makes simple work of synchronizing your contacts, calendars, notes, e-mail, and more. And you can test-drive it free for 30 days.

eM Client: Affordable Alternative to Microsoft Outlook

Full-featured email client rivals Outlook in functionality, and sometimes surpasses Microsoft's offering.

Free SugarSync for Outlook Handles Large File Attachments Neatly

This Outlook plug-in solves the problem of email providers limiting file attachment size.

Microsoft's Fix for Outlook's 'General Failure' Error for E-Mail Links

According to Microsoft, this simple setting adjustment will solve this vexing problem.

Add a Tabbed E-Mail View to Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft has always been late to the tab party, but OutlookTabs brings this sorely needed feature to the popular mail client/information manager.

Fixes for Outlook General Failure Error, Unwanted Windows Reboots

Here's a potential fix for the dreaded Outlook General Failure error, plus how to keep Windows from automatically rebooting after an update.

A Potential Fix for the Outlook 'General Failure' Error

Still vexed by errors every time you click an e-mail link? This solution may do the trick. If not, let me know!

Add-Ons to Power Up Outlook

Want to get more out of the world's most-used email software? We have downloads designed to help you bend it to your will.

Find Out When You Have Outlook Email With Mail Alert

Outlook add-on Mail Alert displays an alert when you get Outlook email.

Syncing iCloud with Windows and Outlook

iCloud is primarily Apple and iOS-centric, but it does sync up nicely with Microsoft Windows and Outlook as well using the iCloud Control Panel for Windows tool.