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This Outlook plug-in solves the problem of email providers limiting file attachment size.

Microsoft's Fix for Outlook's 'General Failure' Error for E-Mail Links

According to Microsoft, this simple setting adjustment will solve this vexing problem.

Add a Tabbed E-Mail View to Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft has always been late to the tab party, but OutlookTabs brings this sorely needed feature to the popular mail client/information manager.

Fixes for Outlook General Failure Error, Unwanted Windows Reboots

Here's a potential fix for the dreaded Outlook General Failure error, plus how to keep Windows from automatically rebooting after an update.

A Potential Fix for the Outlook 'General Failure' Error

Still vexed by errors every time you click an e-mail link? This solution may do the trick. If not, let me know!

Add-Ons to Power Up Outlook

Want to get more out of the world's most-used email software? We have downloads designed to help you bend it to your will.

Find Out When You Have Outlook Email With Mail Alert

Outlook add-on Mail Alert displays an alert when you get Outlook email.

Syncing iCloud with Windows and Outlook

iCloud is primarily Apple and iOS-centric, but it does sync up nicely with Microsoft Windows and Outlook as well using the iCloud Control Panel for Windows tool.

Microsoft Outlook Social Connector Folds Facebook and LinkedIn Into Outlook

Integrate Facebook and LinkedIn into Outlook with this free add-on from Microsoft.

Outlook Add-In Zendio Tells You When Recipients Read Your Emails

Zendio reports which emails have been read, and which haven't.