Don't-Miss Stories

Apple Security Update Patches Mac OS X

Critical bug fixes addressed in both Snow Leopard and Lion, in Apple's first security update of the year.

10 Essential Google Chrome Add-ons

From a session saver to a social media assistant to a simple in-browser image editor, these extensions provide a variety of useful tools for the growing legions of Chrome users.

Web Developer Add-On Helps You Debug Web Pages in Firefox

Web Developer is a free Firefox add-on that offers a plethora of tools for debugging websites and tweaking browser behavior.

Debug Web Pages in Firefox With Firebug

Whether you're a Web designer or a JavaScript programmer, Firebug provides invaluable tools for debugging websites.

Adobe Promises Reader Zero-day Patch on Friday

Adobe plans to release a patch Friday for an older version of the Reader PDF viewer to stymie attacks.

Flip a Coin or Roll a Die With RandomMagic

Can't make a decision? Let RandomMagic help you decide.

Microsoft to Streamline Windows 8's Patch Process

Microsoft will reduce the number of distracting restarts for updates to Windows 8, part of its plan to simplify how people interact with the upcoming OS.

Add-Ons to Power Up Outlook

Want to get more out of the world's most-used email software? We have downloads designed to help you bend it to your will.

Microsoft Posts a Fix for Duqu Zero-Day Trojan

A Security Advisory message describes how to manually patch a system to thwart the latest malware threat.

Microsoft Unlikely to Patch Duqu Kernel Bug Next Week

Odds are that Microsoft won't patch the Windows kernel bug next week to stop the Duqu Trojan, a researcher says.