Don't-Miss Stories

Adobe Readies Reader Bug Patch

A fix is coming for a known, 'critical' vulnerability in a patch posting on Thursday.

Open Your Favorite Daily Sites with One Click

Firefox gem Morning Coffee loads your favorite blogs, newspapers, and other sites with just one click.

Adobe Rushes Patch for PDF Hole

Fix is in the works for zero-day flaw in Reader and Acrobat programs, Adobe confirms.

Windows Shortcut Bug May Be Hard to Patch

Security researcher predicts that a patch may prove elusive, as Microsoft has never faced a security issue with shortcuts.

Sync Outlook with Your Google Contacts

The gSyncit utility will cost you 15 bucks, but it's well worth it if you're interested in migrating more data (including notes and tasks!) to Google's cloud.

Firefox Add-On SkipScreen Spares You Some Ads and Wait Screens

Skip past some of the ad and timed-wait screens for popular download sites with SkipScreen's help.

Microsoft to Patch Google Engineer's Zero-day Next Week

Microsoft today said it will deliver four security updates next week to patch five vulnerabilities in Windows and Office.

Adobe Fixes PDF Bug — Partially

Company plugs only part of the hole disclosed in March; may return for a second try at patching.

Yahoo Toolbar A Boon for Yahoo Loyalists Only

This browser add-on makes sense only--if at all--if your world rotates around Yahoo.

Adobe Postpones Reader Patch as Attacks Continue

The company will patch Flash June 10, slates Reader fix for June 29 to minimize update 'churn.'