Don't-Miss Stories

Microsoft Pushes "Bottom of the Barrel" Patches

Microsoft this week patched two critical vulnerabilities in Office, the Visual Basic for Applications development tool, and its Windows e-mail clients.

Cryptic Shortened URLs Can't Hide From Firefox Add-On Expand Short URL

Free add-on Expand Short URL shows you the original long links on short URLs created by URL-shortening services.

Microsoft's Next Patches: Small but Vital

Fixes for two "critical vulnerabilities" in Windows and Office will post on Tuesday.

Google Patches Chrome Browser Twice in April

Patch for three vulnerabilities in the Windows version of Chrome marks the second time that Google has plugged security holes this month.

Microsoft Yanks Back April Patch for Windows 2000

Microsoft retracts fix for Windows 2000 bug after finding 'quality issues,' but the company plans to reissue patch next week.

Poor Patching Was 2009's Biggest Security Threat

The biggest single threat to computer security is now the inability of PC users to patch their computers, according to Symantec's review of 2009.

Clipple Firefox Add-on Powers Up the Clipboard

Simple, smart tool Clipple extends the Firefox clipboard.

Apple Patches Pwn2Own Bug

Apple has patched a critical Mac OS X vulnerability used by a security researcher three weeks ago to win $10,000 for hacking Safari at the Pwn2Own contest.

Microsoft to Patch Unhackable Windows 7 Bug

Microsoft will play it safe by patching a Windows 7 bug that it says can't be exploited.

Adobe Preps PDF Patches for Reader

Adobe on Thursday will announce the patches it plans to deliver next week for its PDF software, a part of its quarterly security update process.