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Microsoft Slams Door on MAPP Leaks, Readies Patches

This week brings a Patch Tuesday of seven security fixes -- three critical -- plus an end to a breach that raised other security concerns.

Brace for Big Batch of Microsoft Patches

Microsoft plans to ship seven security updates next week, of them three critical, to patch 23 bugs in Windows, Office, Silverlight and .Net.

Make Web Apps More Manageable With Minimalist for Everything

Minimalist for Everything lets you easily toggle off annoying interface elements in Gmail and Google Reader.

Do-Not-Track Tools: Hands-On Showdown

Regulators are urging Internet companies to alert consumers about their data-gathering activities--but if you want to seize control now, some browser add-ons can help.

Critical Microsoft Patch Fixes Windows, Office, and IE

Next week's regular Patch Tuesday includes six security updates to squash 11 bugs in a variety of applications.

Microsoft on Tuesday will Patch Office 2010, IE9

Four of the six security bulletins being released on Patch Tuesday are rated "critical" and will address both operating system and application vulnerabilities.

Apple Hits Flashback Trojan With Second Java Update

Mac OS X Lion users get a second security update aimed at Flashback, the Mac malware that has reportedly infected 600,000 computers since last year.

Leaked Exploit Prompts Researcher to Publish Blueprint for Critical RDP Vulnerability

UPDATE: Security patch urged after release of proof-of-concept exploit accompanies a a working exploit, possibly from Microsoft.

March Windows Patches includes One Critical Bug

One of the six updates patch bugs that Microsoft confirms could be exploited by attackers to compromise PCs and plant malware on victimized machines.

Microsoft Readies Valentine's Day Windows Patches

The second Patch Tuesday of 2012 will see nine security bulletins, four of which are deemed critical.