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Is it the right time to buy a tablet?

There are a number of great tablet options available right now, but there are also some intriguing possibilities expected to come to market in the immediate future.

iPad Mini said to be Apple's ace in hole in battle with Amazon

Some analysts have concluded that Amazon, even with impressive hardware, aggressive pricing, and a content ecosystem in the best position to take on Apple, ultimately won't be able to unseat the iPad.

Amazon to allow ads opt-out on Kindle Fire HD for $15 upcharge

Making tablet buyers as happy as possible is a good play considering the competitive landscape, particularly amid the popularity of Apple's iPad.

Amazon aims for iPad with Kindle Fire HD

Amazon is clearly taking on the iPad with its new 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HD with 4G LTE, priced to match the $499 3G iPad.


Mobile security threats rise

Digital crooks are turning to mobile malware, SMS spoofing, and worse as people move toward smartphones and tablets, according to a new report.

Kindle Fire HD highlights Amazon's parade of tablets

Amazon rolls out a potential iPad rival in the form of its $499 Kindle Fire HD, as well an updated version of its Kindle Fire tablet and a new e-reader called the Kindle Paperwhite.


Live blog: Amazon's Kindle press event

We're on the scene at Amazon's big press event in Santa Monica, California, and live blogging now. Join us.


Great tech for $25 or less: affordable-gadget roundup

Go ahead and crack your piggy bank open. These 25 tech gadgets won't bust your budget.


The New PC Era: 8 Hot Laptop-Tablet Hybrids

These devices attempt to bring the best of the tablet and laptop worlds together in one portable package.

Russia Yanks Google From Android Tablets

The government develops an Android-like operating systems that doesn't collect customer data for Google; first for military, it will be offered to consumers as well.