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IFA 2012: Windows 8 Laptops Take on Look, Feel of Tablets

Manufacturers at the trade show are unveiling Windows 8 devices that blur the line between laptops and touch-enabled devices.

No, Tablets Won't Replace PCs Anytime Soon

The list of what tablets can do is long and growing, but it's the list of what they can't do that's keeping most employees from using tablets as PC replacements.

TechHive: Samsung Galaxy Note II Sports Taller Screen, Quad-Core Chip

The much-hyped follow-up to last year's popular phone-tablet crossover is now official.

Microsoft Patents an Advanced Multi-Touch Stylus

Microsoft’s next-generation digital pen, or “ePen” patent includes not just touch sensors but also a gyroscope, compass, accelerometers, and other sensors.

Lenovo's $300 IdeaPad Tablet Has 9-Inch Screen and Speedy Tegra 3 Processor

Lenovo is aiming squarely for the bargain bin with its $300 IdeaPad A2109 tablet, which despite the low price still has a 9-inch display and a quad-core Tegra 3 processor.


Do Your Gadgets Rob You of Sleep?

Exposure to tablets and other electronics with backlit displays can disrupt circadian rhythms and cause insomnia or restless sleep, researchers say.

Samsung Teases Windows 8 Tablet Hybrid Launch at IFA 2012

Another promotion for Samsung's next trade show suggests we'll see the Samsung Series 5 Hybrid, announced last June.

10-Inch Kindle Fire May be Delayed

Amazon's event next week may highlight tablets that are smaller than Apple's iPad.


Samsung Wants Galaxy Tab Ban Lifted in the US After Apple Patent Verdict

Samsung tells a Californian court that Apple should pay it damages because it has been unable to sell the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the U.S.


Samsung's Galaxy Note 10.1 is More Profitable Than iPad

A tear-down analysis reveals Samsung makes $56 more selling its Wi-Fi-only tablet than Apple gets by selling the iPad for the same price.