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Build the ultimate Intel Haswell PC for under $1000

Upgrading to Intel's hot new Haswell processor requires a brand-new motherboard, so why not build an awesome new PC while you're at it?

Jonney Shih

Asus Transformer Book Trio is tablet, laptop, and desktop rolled into one

The company that brought us the PadFone, an all-in-one smartphone, tablet, and laptop device, is thinking a bit bigger. Taiwan's Asustek Computer has now combined a tablet, smartphone and desktop PC into a single product that it calls the Transformer Book Trio.

The PC's future has never been brighter—because tablets are PCs too

Don't let tales of plunging PC sales fool you. The rise of tablets and every hybrid in between show how PCs are evolving rather than dying.

PC industry bleeding to explode into full-blown hemorrhaging in 2013, says IDC

The times are a-changing for the computer industry, and the analysts at the IDC research firm say things are only going to get worse before they get stable.

Haswell tablet

Intel claims Haswell will offer 50 percent more battery life in laptops

Intel's upcoming family of Core processors, code-named Haswell, will offer 50 percent more battery life in laptops than did their "Ivy Bridge" predecessors, Intel said on Thursday.

$99 Linux stick turns any HDMI display into a virtual desktop

Similar in many ways to Dell's 'Project Ophelia' PC, this new device targets businesses with full-fledged manageability.

Lenovo and Apple grew as bottom fell out of PC market in Western Europe

PC shipments in Western Europe declined by 20.5 percent during the first quarter: The only vendors to see shipments grow were Lenovo and Apple, which returned to the top five.

Why gamers in Asia are the world's best eSport athletes

Hardcore games, ubiquitous tech, and Asia’s economic rise helped the PC trounce consoles to become the dominant pro gaming platform.

The pixel is all but dead—no thanks to the PC

Bigger is better, unless you're talking pixels. But before long, we'll never talk about pixels again.

You're a dirty, dirty, dusty PC

Is that your PC, or the ugliest dust bunny ever? How to clean the dirt, grime, and gunk from your desktop, inside and out. It will thank you.