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Power up your PDFs with these five free tools

Your PDF could just sit there, or you could use one of these free tools to edit, reformat, extract data, and more.

Review: CC PDF Converter protects your work with Creative Commons licenses

A Creative Commons license lets you share your work generously without losing your control over it. This clever beta program helps you choose the right license and attach it to your PDFs.

Review: Open-source freebie jPDF Tweak gives you power over your PDFs

Add watermarks, combine PDFs, make printable booklets, and otherwise enhance your PDFs with this open-source program.

Review: PDFill lets you tweak PDFs any which way

PDFill's three-part suit covers many PDF editing and creation needs on a budget. It integrates well with Microsoft Office for easy access, too.

Review: Free and portable Briss cuts PDFs down to size

Snip away the unwanted parts of your PDFs with Briss. It's free, portable, and open-source.

Review: Debenu PDF Tools lets you change PDFs for free

The Debenu PDF Tools menu has a variety of useful features even in the free edition.

Review: PDF Stacks organizes large amounts of PDFs into an email-like interface

PDF Stacks makes it very easy to find anything within your PDF collection. It will not, however, replace your PDF reader and other research tools.

Review: Read and write PDF files easily with Foxit Reader 6

Foxit Reader is free, it's lightweight, and historically it has been less problematic than Adobe Reader. If you're burned out on Adobe Reader, there's a lot to like.

McAfee spots Adobe Reader PDF-tracking vulnerability

McAfee said it has found a vulnerability in Adobe Systems' Reader program that reveals when and where a PDF document is opened.

E-signatures: The complete guide to paperless signing

Click-to-sign documents are just as legal as pen-and-paper versions. Here's how to implement e-signatures in your small business.