Don't-Miss Stories

Critical IE update slated for Patch Tuesday

There are only five security bulletins scheduled for next week, but one is a Critical update for Internet Explorer.

A victim of the Nigerian phishing scam tells her tale

Feelings of shame and despair at being conned out of $300,000 by a convincing Nigerian based email scam led Queensland interior decorator Jill Ambrose to attempt suicide twice.

It's better to call ahead before sending malware, Symantec finds

Hackers are finding it pays to call ahead before sending malware-laden email.

Locked and loaded, online gamers draw phishing attackers

Cyber thieves attracted to the richness of in-game commerce, report finds

Hackers increasingly target shared Web hosting servers for use in mass phishing attacks

Cybercriminals increasingly hack into shared Web hosting servers in order to use the domains hosted on them in large phishing campaigns, according to a report from the Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG).

Phishing warning issued to energy companies

The Department of Homeland Security alert was prompted by an incident last October in which 11 companies in the energy sector were targeted in a sophisticated spear-phishing campaign apparently aimed at breaching their network security.

Study of Chinese hackers is dangled as phishing bait

Attackers are using fake versions of a recently released report about a Chinese cyberespionage group as bait in new spear-phishing attacks that target Japanese and Chinese users.

Twitter implements DMARC standard to fight phishing

Twitter has implemented DMARC, a standard for preventing email spoofing, in order to make it harder for attackers to send phishing emails that appear to come from addresses.


Google, Microsoft and others putting kibosh on phishing emails

An estimated 60 percent of the world's email boxes are now safe

email scam malware

Yahoo plugs hole that allowed hijacking of email accounts

Hackers behind a recently detected email attack campaign exploited a vulnerability in a Yahoo website to hijack the email accounts of Yahoo users and use them for spam.