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Facebook Graph Search is an awesome tool for phishing attacks

Facebook Graph Search makes it easier for cyber criminals to gather relevant details that can be used to target phishing attacks more effectively.

Security in 2013: The rise of mobile malware and fall of hacktivism

McAfee makes some predictions about what to expect and trends to watch for security in 2013.

Is there a greater risk of cyber attack over the holidays?

There is more attention on cyber fraud and phishing scams during the holidays, but the perceived risk varies depending on who you ask.

PayPal phishing scams ramp up for holidays

'Tis the season to be careful. That should be no surprise. Given that the online holiday shopping season is peaking, cybercriminals would be expected to ramp up their efforts as well.

Google Chrome leads the browser pack at preventing phishing, study finds

For blocking socially engineered malware, however, Google's browser takes the No. 2 spot.

PC security: Your essential software toolbox

Don't fall victim! With these tools, services and tips, you can protect yourself against malware, phishing and theft.

Phishing is getting tougher to spot

Analysis: An apparently innocent inquiry with a company you do business with might warrant scrutiny. Perhaps it's a scam, or perhaps it's fine and the company itself is getting careless.

Emma Watson 'most dangerous' Web celeb

Digital bad guys often promise lascivious photos or scandalous news to lure users to malicious sites loaded with spyware, adware, viruses, or phishing attempts.

Phishing Attack Targets Users With Fake BlackBerry ID Email

An attached file is loaded up with malware to take over the victim's computer should he or she open it.


What You Should Know About the iPhone SMS Spoof Attack

A flaw in iPhone security could allow spoofed SMS text messages, but there are some tricks you can use to detect and avoid them.