Don't-Miss Stories

MultiMi Brings Your Entire Online Presence Under One AVG-Secured Client

MultiMi is an original take on social clients, but in its current form, it's not necessarily better.

Facebook Turns to Users to Help Combat Phishing

Facebook has set up a special email address for users to forward suspicious emails to.

Microsoft Crowned Top U.S. Spammer -- Again

The research may be skewed by the MSN factor, but outbound spam still indicates a security problem, with systems compromised by botnets and or users who were hooked by phishing.

Cyber Criminals Target Pinterest with Survey Scams

A report from a security firm says the social networking site's popularity makes it a prime target.

Five Cyber Risks to Avoid to Enjoy London Olympics Safely

More people than ever will be watching and following the Olympics online and with mobile devices--and the cyber criminals know this.

Phishing Websites Reach All-time High

The sites faked 392 brands, and more than 38 percent of the fake websites were related to financial services, according to the report.

My Email Account Has Been Hijacked!

Coastie65 is nowhere near Malaysia, but friends are getting email claiming that he's stranded in Kuala Lumpur. He asked the Web Browsing and Email forum for help.

Mobile Devices Are the New 'Wild West'

Mobile devices have gigabytes of data and access to sensitive information just like PCs, but most people are failing to properly secure them.

Google: We Find 9,500 New Malicious Sites Every Day

Between 12 and 14 million daily searches return at least one hacked site, the company says.

ProofPoint Tool Targets Spear Phishers

The cloud-based Targeted Attack Protection checks e-mail for phishing efforts and CloudPassage adds an authentication service for cloud apps.