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Fake iTunes Gift Certificate Could Ruin Your Black Friday

Security vendor Sophos reports that malware developers are using the lure of a free $50 iTunes gift card to spread malware this holiday shopping season.

2012 in Security: Rising Danger

From mobile malware to social networking attacks, threats to your security and privacy will only grow in the coming year.


3 Ways to Save Yourself After a Phishing Attack

Microsoft and Mozilla are exchanging heated jabs about whose browser is more secure, but your browser can only protect you so much from phishing attacks.

9/11 Anniversary Spurs Hacker Mischief

Most of the nation will be solemnly commemorating the 10th anniversary of the attacks, but hackers aren’t giving authorities a rest.

Hurricane Irene Inspires Phishing Scams

The Department of Homeland Security warns about storm-related phishing attacks and other malicious cyberactivity.

Anonymous, LulzSec Could Up Their Game, U.S. Warns

Anonymous and LulzSec have wreaked havoc against government and business websites and servers, from low-level defacement of websites up to more sophisticated actions such as stealing sensitive data.

Protect Yourself on Facebook with BitDefender Safego

Facebook is a great way to share and stay in touch, but attackers exploit the social network to spread malware. A tool like BitDefender Safego can help protect you while you socialize.

Apple Plugs Phishing Hole on Developer Site

Hackers alerted Apple to a flaw that could have allowed phishing attacks against Mac OS X.

Lookout Safe Browsing Keeps Android Safe From Phishing

Lookout Mobile Security’s new Safe Browsing feature stops phishing scams and malicious links from affecting your phone.


Spear Phishing: More than Spam, it's Espionage

Analysis: This form of cybercrime is gaining momentum, and it works in some of the same ways as espionage.