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Spear Phishing: More than Spam, it's Espionage

Analysis: This form of cybercrime is gaining momentum, and it works in some of the same ways as espionage.

iPhone 5 Phishing Attack Preys on WWDC Hype

The world is poised for big news from Apple with WWDC starting today, and attackers are jumping on the hype bandwagon to lure victims into installing a Windows Trojan.

4 Security Tips Spurred by Recent Phishing Attacks on Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo

The old rule of "Don't Open Attachments" isn't enough to protect you from phishing attacks anymore. Here's more up-to-date advice.

More than E-mail at Stake in Google Gmail Attack

The focus of the debate about recent attacks from China against Google is on Gmail, but a hacked Gmail account unlocks way more than just e-mail for the attacker.

Malware Spikes, Spam Plummets, Says Report

A new report from McAfee says spam is low, but malware is at a record high, and mobile malware is a quickly rising threat.

Is MacDefender Malware a Sign of the Macpocalypse?

The Mac facade of security by obscurity has been shattered, but all users need to understand that there is a new era in malware that is bigger than Mac OS X.

Sony Admits Hackers Attacked Greek Unit

Sony says the hack, which continues a string of embarrassing security leaks, affects 8,500 users of Sony BMG Greece. It means their usernames, passwords, e-mails and phone numbers are vulnerable.

No Rapture, But Watch Out for Apocalypse Attacks

It seems apparent that the rapture is not going to happen today after all, but that won't stop malware attacks from preying on interest in the apocalypse.

Watch Out for Adobe Phishing Scams

Some tips to help identify malicious emails and avoid becoming a victim of a phishing scam claiming to be from Adobe.