Don't-Miss Stories

Office 2010 Review: Inside Microsoft's Newest Suite

Web-based apps and robust collaboration tools in Microsoft's new Office suite give users good reasons to upgrade.

Add 'Command Search' to Office 2007

Can't find the function you want in the Office 2007 Ribbon? This secret add-on adds a dynamic search field for all menu commands.

PowerPoint Makes You Stupid, Says Military Intel

U.S. Army discovers PowerPoint can create "the illusion of understanding and the illusion of control." But not everything is "bullet-izable."

RIM Reveals 'BlackBerry Presenter' for PowerPoint

At 2010 CES, RIM shows off 3.4 inch x 2.4 inch gadget that connects to a projector or other display and wirelessly transfers PowerPoint presentations stored on your BlackBerry smartphone via Bluetooth.


Microsoft Office 2010: An Intriguing Beta

The revised productivity suite introduces interface tweaks, modest but useful desktop innovations, and integration with minimalist Web apps.

ZoomIt Makes Presentations Easier on Everybody

Enhance your presentations with ZoomIt, a useful--and free--piece of drawing and zoom software.

How to Learn Anything on the Web

Looking to start a business, get a degree, or learn Michael Jackson's Thriller dance? The Web has a class, video, or tutorial to help you do it. Here's where to get started.

Open Old PowerPoint Documents in PowerPoint 2007

Curse you and your ever-changing file formats, Microsoft! Here's how to import 20th-century presentations into PowerPoint 2007.

Bugs and Fixes: A Bonanza of Browser Bug Fixes

Plus: Microsoft issues a PowerPoint patch and a fix related to QuickTime, and Mac OS and Adobe Reader receive updates.


Mac Users Left Out of PowerPoint Patches

Microsoft patches Windows versions of PowerPoint, but Mac users won't get the same protection until June.